Auntyji Is Not Impressed Even As Uncle Sings Ghazal For Her, Twitter Says ‘Every Wife Ever’

Cakes, balloons and good food are part and parcel of any birthday party. Sometimes there are thoughtful gifts too but have you ever been serenaded to and made to feel extra special?

Twitter user Rakhi Tripathi shared a video from her mom’s birthday where her dad, a retired IIT professor, sang a ghazal called ‘Khuda Kare Ki Mohabbat Mein’ by Talat Aziz, reports The Indian Express.

People praised his singing talent and also wondered why his wife appeared so serious in the snippet.

Some suggested she might be camera-shy while others noticed her subtle finger-tapping and said that this is how the older generation appreciates good music.

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Happy birthday aunty ji, wish you lots of happiness in the times to come!

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