Husband Stinks & Refuses To Bathe For 7 Days At A Stretch, Wife Files For Divorce

A cheating partner, compatibility issues or conflicting opinions, the factors that ‘used to’ cause broken marriages are quite old-school now! Because the millennial couples and their first world problems are something beyond imagination.

What is the weirdest reason for a divorce you’ve ever come across? You might have heard of a man seeking divorce from his newly wedded wife after seeing her without make-up just a few days after their wedding. Also, the Arab woman, who filed for divorce from her gold-digger husband for making her pay all the bills.

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But we bet this one will make you go WTF and LOL simultaneously!

A 23-year-old woman from Madhya Pradesh has filed for divorce from her husband allegedly because he doesn’t take bath for almost a week at a stretch. The woman also claimed that her husband doesn’t shave his beard for weeks.

She has also claimed that her husband stinks and when she asks him to take a bath, he sprays perfume to beat the odour and refuses to take bath, say reports.

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The husband has filed a mutual consent plea for divorce. The couple had tied the knot a year back. The court has ordered them to stay separate for six months after which they will be granted the divorce.

Weird but true. Isliye, thande thande pani se nahana chahiye (roz)!