Husband Pranks Wife Pretending To Be A Celeb, Feels Heartbroken When She Sends Him Nudes


I am sure you know at least one person who texted his/her partner, to check their loyalty, by pretending to be someone else. However unethical, ‘catfishing’ someone by pretending to be their crush seems to be the ultimate litmus test to check one’s intentions.

Well, this man also tried to play a prank on his wife by pretending to be her celebrity crush. But rather than getting a good laugh, he got the shock of his life, reports The Sun.

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Narrating the incident on social media, the unnamed man wrote that they once had a conversation about celebrity crushes and people they would sleep with as a ‘hall pass’. That’s when his 37-year-old wife revealed that she had a long-term crush on American comedian Jason Mantzoukas. They apparently attended the same university in Vermont.

Curious to know how much his wife was into the comedian, the 36-year-old husband made a fake email address in the name of Jason Mantzoukas and started flirting with her.

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However, their conversation soon took a sexy turn and his wife started sending him nudes. This was after he’d sent her “headless nudes of some hairy looking guy”.

Read his entire post here:

Even though he was appalled by his wife’s actions, he didn’t want to end their fake conversation because that’s the most sexual he’s been with his wife in a while.

Hence, he took to social media to seek advice. People were ROFL on his situation. Some even gave him some serious relationship advice.

Take a look:

Well, his awkward situation looks like a perfect Bollywood masala movie if the script of ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ got a sensual twist. What do you think of his predicament?

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