4th Husband Kills Wife Who Was Delhi’s ‘Drug Queen’ & 8 Months Pregnant With His Twins

A brutal crime shook the capital on Tuesday when an eight-month pregnant wife was shot by her husband. 29-year-old Saina was allegedly a drug dealer who operated in Delhi and Waseem was her 4th husband.

The crime was executed in broad daylight and captured on CCTV footage in the capital’s Hazrat Nizamuddin area. The clip shows Waseem firing 12 shots at his wife while her domestic help tried to shield her. Incidentally, Saina married her fourth husband a year ago and was subsequently arrested for her participation in drug deals.

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Saina was released on bail, as she was eight months pregnant with twins. India Today reports that both her first two husbands left her and moved to Bangladesh. But her 3rd marriage was to a drug dealer named Sharafat Sheikh. Allegedly popular as a notorious ‘drug lord’ in Delhi-NCR, Sheikh was arrested under the NDPS Act.

Why Waseem Shot His Pregnant Wife

Reports suggest that Waseem had an extramarital affair with Saina’s sister, Rehana. He intended to kill Saina and resume his relationship with her sister. After murdering his wife and injuring the domestic help, Waseem surrendered with the two pistols he used to Nizamuddin police station.

When the cops arrived at the scene, Saina was already dead. They admitted the domestic help to a local hospital. Investigations into the motive behind her murder are ongoing. The police suspect it a conspiracy to conceal information about Delhi’s drug syndicate. As Waseem has no previous criminal record, cops are also investigating whether Saina’s sister planned the murder.

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