‘Give Him An Award’ Husband Helps Wife Apply Makeup During A Live Match Inside Stadium

A lot of people think that it takes immense responsibility and emotional investment for a marriage to work. I don’t think so. I think a happy marriage is the result of a culmination of small, often irrelevant acts consistently performed over a long period of time. It’s not about intensity. It’s about consistency.

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It’s not about having a luxury 10-day vacation to the Maldives once a year.
It’s about waking up every day and wishing each other ‘Good Morning’ with a smile.

It’s not about posting ‘couple goals’ pictures every other day on Instagram.
It’s about helping each other do kitchen work so that the food is cooked quickly.

It’s the little things.

For example, take a look at this guy. In a video that’s gone viral, a guy helps another woman, who is apparently his wife, put on makeup as he holds up his phone’s front camera for her. This video was taken inside a stadium while a match was going on.

And people online became his fan. Why wouldn’t they? He totally deserves the ‘Husband of the Year’ award!

A lot of people might laugh at the guy and call him ‘joru ka ghulam’, but I think such trivial acts of love matter a lot!

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