Husband Slammed For Glorifying Wife Taking Care Of Baby, House & Work, But She Defends Him

In Bengali, there is a word we tend to use while describing women – doshobhuja or the one with ten hands. We say this while praising women for doing everything at once like taking care of the house, children, work, etc. But is this fair for women?

Many people online have been asking the same question after a man posted a picture of his wife cradling their child while sending a work email. The man praised his wife for taking care of the kids, their food, health, her work, and much more “at the same time”.

He added that as a man, he is astonished to see his wife multitask. Have a look at his full post here:

As his post went viral, many slammed the husband for glorifying his wife for juggling work and childcare instead of giving her a hand and reducing her load.

On the other hand, there were some who suggested not to draw conclusions based on one post. They highlighted that in real life, the husband and wife may actually distribute work equally.

As the husband continued to face backlash online, the wife commented on the post and revealed how they share their responsibilities.

“He is a man who shares all household responsibilities and still believes his wife is better than him,” she writes.

Social media does not always show the whole truth. At least that’s one thing we can take away from this incident!

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