Husband Finds Wife’s Sex Chats With Another Man From Her Past, Seeks Advice After Losing Trust

Rarely is it possible that you would know a person in and out, a 100%. You might be friends with a person, marry a person and spend years together, but you might still discover new things about them from time to time. Because everyone has a past and multiple experiences – including relationships and heartbreaks.

Speaking of which, one man took to Reddit to share how he found old sex chats in his wife’s phone on their honeymoon. He claimed that while his wife is honest and has shared a lot of intimate details about her past, she didn’t delete the chats on her phone and never mentioned them to him.

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“After marriage, on our honeymoon, I discover sex chats of her from a year back on her WhatsApp (almost went on for 4-5 months, and she didn’t bother to delete) and the guy proposing to book rooms for sex and she saying no to it. I would not have had an issue if this is something she had mentioned to me – she never did even though she did mention that she had barely kissed 1-2 guys in the past 3-4 years but nothing beyond it.”

He went on to allege that his wife claimed the sex chats meant nothing to her.

“She also was in touch with the person on the first day I said ‘ I love you’ to her – she had wished him on some festival and also sent him kiss emoji. And the person was also one of the handful she called and informed that she had found me – she told this to me herself. She also told me very clearly they only hugged and kissed once – both on separate occasions. In her mind the sex chats mean nothing and that the guy was just a friend who she had forgotten she had sex chat with and did not much care about.”

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However, the guy feels that his wife has betrayed his trust and destroyed their relationship by not mentioning the chats beforehand.

“Every day and every moment I just feel she has destroyed our great relationship – she indeed is a great person for me otherwise and a lovely person too. I just can’t seem to trust her anymore.”

He sought advice from fellow Reddit users on what to do as the incident was causing him distress. Have a look at the full post here:

I arranged married recently to a woman. Story and question on trust. from india

Among the many people who dropped into the comment section to give advice, a good number of people questioned him as to why he was checking his wife’s phone in the first place. Clearly, he didn’t just stumble onto chats from many months ago but thoroughly searched for them.

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Some also pointed out that everyone has a past and it is unlikely for any person to know about their partners fully.

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A few also suggested talking to the wife and sorting things out, as communication is the key to any successful relationship.

What are your views on this incident? Share with us!

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