Husband Goes On Secret Mission To Find Wife’s Ring 8 Months After She Lost It!

What will you do if you lose your wedding ring on a trip abroad? You are likely to be anxious and if the wedding ring is worth $10,000 (Rs 6.8 lakh approx.) you ought to leave no stone unturned to search for it.

But if you have lost it in on a snowy mountain, it is sensible to drink your pain away and forget the ring. Right? Not if you have a loving partner who will do everything to bring back your smile.

Drew Huskey is the man who found the wedding ring eight months after her wife Qian “Emily” Yang lost it on a trip to the snow capped mountains in Canada.

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Yang thought she would never see the ring again after the ring flew from her finger and fell in the snow.

“She gets out of the car and falls into two feet of snow,” Huskey told Fox News. As she began to brush the snow off her clothes, her ring flew off. “All of a sudden my wife screams, ‘I lost my ring’ and I was like, ‘Oh man here we go,’” Huskey said.

Huskey and his family stayed in the chilling temperature for three hours to look for the ring but it was in vain. But Huskey thought to himself, “I am coming back here to look for the damn ring.”

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Husky secretly went on a mission to retrieve the ring and with the help of a “metal detecting specialist”, Syd Kanten, he was able to find it.

“I contacted the only person anywhere close to where the ring had fallen. And he was about two hours away. His name was Syd Kanten,” Huskey said.

The two finally met eight months later and Kanten brought his son Tyler to help them look for the ring. And guess what, after searching for two hours they found the ring.

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After returning from his secret ‘ring finding mission’ Husky presented the ring to his wife and this is probably how every woman will react to her husband’s loving gesture:

Now that’s pure love!

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