Wife Gets Angry, Denies Husband Food After He Says, ‘Tumse Acchi Kiara Advani Hai’

I have been married for some time and I can honestly say that many of the stereotypes and jokes about marriage are true. There is always one person who likes the house spotless and the other keeps things messy. There is always one person who will constantly joke and play pranks while the other will lose their calm. There is always one person who occupies the bathroom for hours while the other will bang on the door angrily. It’s all true.

Another stereotype that is true for many couples is the husband comparing the wife to another woman, and the wife getting angry. Here’s a classic example. This husband compared his wife to Kiara Advani and said something on the lines of, “Tumse toh acchi Kiara Advani hai” and the wife lost her calm and denied him food!

“Arey yaar actress hi to hai who! Gussa kyu kar rahi ho? Aise keh rahi ho ki matlab shaadi kar lunga main usse?” the husband says.

“Jao kar lo,” says the wife, while giving him a cold shoulder.

“Jaise woh kar hi lengi mere se!” he says.

“Nahi nahi, kar legi tum toh itne acche ho na, tumhare upar toh saari ladkiya fida ho jaye,” she sarcastically says.

“Matlab mujhe koi actress acchi nahi lag sakti hai?” asks the husband.

Then after going back and forth for a while, the wife tells him, “Tum jao Kiara Advani ke pass aur tumhe khana nahi milega!”

Watch the video here:

People online shared a good laugh after watching this video. It was also relatable for many married people! Here’s what they said:

Every day is full of entertainment in a married couple’s life! 😀

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