Husband Calls Police After Wife Refused To Split The Bill For Chinese Dinner

Marital disputes are no news for our ears anytime! From fighting over picking what to watch on TV to starting your day with ‘who left the wet towel on the bed’ argument every day, a married couple can get into a spat at the weirdest and smallest thing possible. But a couple from Sydney, Australia took the sweet and sour relationship arguments to a whole new level!

A married couple was dining at a Chinese seafood restaurant on Railway Street, Chatswood, on Sydney’s north shore, just before midday on Tuesday. They were having a really good time sharing the meal together until something weird happened. The husband and wife got into a dispute about sharing the bill.

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The woman refused to split the bill and this pissed off the husband so bad that he did not even give a second thought before calling 000. (000 at Australia is equivalent to 100 for calling the police just like in India).

Cops soon arrived at the location and warned the husband about the sensitivity of calling triple zero. Officers lectured the man about how triple zero was an emergency number to report a danger where people’s life is at risk or a crime taking place. And, definitely not for resolving an argument with his own wife.

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‘Police are unsure of who eventually paid for the remainder of the succulent Chinese meal,’ North Shore Police Area Command said in a statement, reported Mail Online.

The term ‘succulent’ came in reference to the viral of infamous ‘restaurant runner’, Paul Charles Dozsa. The person was arrested for causing the havoc, doing a runner at multiple Australian restaurants back in ’80s.

The wife, no doubt, has the husband of her nightmares! However, an Indian husband can surely not afford to do this with his wife. Who would want to sleep on the porch for rest of their lives, after all?

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