Wife Dreams Of Owning Wild Animals, So Husband Sells His Property To Gift Her An Elephant!


You might have heard people say that they’ll go to any extent to fulfil the dreams of their lady love, even if it meant buying land on the moon. Well, in today’s day and age, this would seem unrealistic, however, not for this man.

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Dulal Chandra Roy’s wife Tulsi Rani Dasi told him that she saw a dream, about a year ago, in which she had bought an elephant and was taking care of it. Most of us would have just ignored, what seems like an unrealistic dream. However, Roy made sure that Tulsi’s dream was fulfilled. Hence, one day he ventured out of his house and came back with an elephant, reported Mid-day.

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Roy sold two bighas of his land to realize his wife’s dream. The farmer gifted Tulsi an elephant as a token of his love that costed him around Tk 16.5 lakh (Rs 14.3 lakh approx). Last week, Roy returned home with the animal in a truck which he had hired for Tk 20,000 (Rs 17,400 approx.).

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“I sold the land and bought the elephant to fulfil my wife’s dream,” he said. Apparently, this isn’t the first time when Roy bought an animal that his wife had seen in her dreams. A few years ago, they bought a horse, a swan and a goat.

To ensure the elephant is well taken care of, Roy also hired a mahout on a monthly remuneration of Tk 15,000 (Rs 13000 approx.).

His neighbors were astonished to see someone go to such extent for his loving wife. “It’s for the first time I’ve seen someone buying an elephant in this age to fulfil his wife’s dream,” said Santona Rani, a local.

Waah! Kya ashiqui hai! How far can you go for your partner?

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