83.8% Women In Telangana Believe Husband Beating Wife Is Justified, 76.9% In Karnataka

You may think that the increase in the number of educated and working women in our country would lead to their overall empowerment. However, a recent study proves otherwise. According to The Indian Express, the latest National Family Health Survey asked people from across 18 states whether a husband beating his wife is justified. The results are shocking.

83.8% of women in Telangana believe men are justified to beat their wives. This is followed by Andhra Pradesh with a rate of 83.6% and Karnataka with 76.9%. On the other hand, 70.4% of men in Telangana believe that beating a wife is justified whereas, in Karnataka, it is a concerning 81.9% and in Andhra, it is 66.5%. The percentage is the least in Himachal Pradesh where 14.8% of women and 14.2% of men believe the same.

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The situations which justify such domestic violence include – If she (the wife) goes out without telling him, if she neglects the house or the children, if she argues with him, if she refuses to have sex with him, if she doesn’t cook food properly, if he suspects her of being unfaithful, and if she shows disrespect for in-laws. The most common reasons among the lot are showing disrespect to in-laws and neglecting the house and children.

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“This kind of patriarchal mentality is deeply imbibed in the minds of the women who think that serving their family and husband should be their first priority,” said Sharada A L, director of Population First, an NGO working for women rights.

People online were left flabbergasted on seeing the numbers. Many expressed their condemnation. Have a look:

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