Husband Asks Wife To Leave Job & Become Housewife For Family, She Demands Half His Company

Many women, whether by choice or due to societal expectations, give up their careers to look after their children and manage the household. This decision, even though it ensures her family’s well-being, has long-term effects on her financial independence and career prospects. Hence, you will find that many women, who do end up giving up their careers for their families, ask for some kind of compensation from their husbands.

Here’s an example. A 35-year-old woman took to Reddit to share how she asked for half her husband’s company after he asked her to stop working and become a housewife. She and her husband have been married for six years. They have two kids and there’s one on the way. He thinks that it is better for their family if the woman becomes a housewife. The husband earns a good living, so he can take financial responsibility for the family.

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“My husband and I (both 35) have been married for 6 years and we have 2 children together and 1 on the way. He said that he wanted me to be a housewife and stop working. I was very disturbed by that but he explained that it was better for our family and children since he can afford very good living. After a few weeks thinking I told him that I would agree but only if I get 1/2 his company,” she wrote on Reddit.

She explained to her husband that if she becomes a stay-at-home mother, it would be difficult for her to find a well-paying job, in case they get divorced in the future.

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“He was surprised by this but I explained further that the more I stay at home the less chance I would have to find a well-paying job should we ever divorce because I would have less merits, while he would stay making more money each year. So I want half of the company. If we never divorce…it would be the price of me staying home and raising our children so he could be less worried and stressed out,” she added.

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Reading this, several people thought that she was a very smart woman. In case the couple gets divorced in the future, the woman would have to financially sustain herself. It would be particularly difficult for the woman to re-enter the job market, considering the gap in her resume. It would also affect her earning potential.

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Additionally, being a housewife is a significant contribution that often goes undervalued. She is enabling her husband to focus on his career and grow his business, thereby contributing to his success.

Here’s what some people had to say about the woman’s request:

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