People Are Talking About Sudden Hunger Pangs & Are Taking The ‘Pangs Se Panga’ Challenge To Deal With It

Remember when Selena Gomez sang ‘I wanna hold you when I’m not supposed to’? Yeah, that’s our relationship with hunger pangs. They are like that one toxic person we are supposed to stay away from. They make us feel good momentarily but mess up our lives afterwards! (*looking at you, fried chicken burger!*)

Isn’t it annoying that hunger pangs have absolutely no sense of time?! For example, it’s 2 AM, you’re almost asleep, and bam! Hunger pangs strike. Or you’re studying for an important exam with full concentration and bam! Now you can’t stop thinking about food. Or even when it’s 4 PM, you’re trying to get some office work done, and bam! Now you’re devouring an oily Wada Pav or 700 calories of chocolate.

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Because an empty stomach isn’t a good decision-maker, it’s almost always processed and packaged junk that we tend to binge on. They are cheap, ready to eat, and convenient, even though they wreak havoc on our bodies.

It’s like hunger pangs take a toll on our ability to make wise decisions!

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Apparently, it’s not just you and me who face this problem. Recently, a few people on social media came forward to talk about hunger pangs and how difficult it is to deal with them. One tweet led to another and now the whole trend has snowballed into a ‘Hunger Pangs Se Panga’ challenge.

Have a look!

As more and more people opened up about experiencing hunger pangs, a brand named Dreamery took notice and decided to do something about it. They sent packs of high-protein Greek yoghurts to a few hunger-pang strugglers. Later these people took to social media to post videos of themselves unboxing the packages. They were very impressed by how it tasted. Also, they said that the Greek Yoghurts were thick, creamy, had a smooth texture and were filling. They are made out of real fruit, do not contain added colour, added sugar, artificial flavours, and have no added preservatives. If you think about it, Dreamery’s High-Protein Greek Yoghurts are a healthier snack to indulge in when those out-of-the-blue hunger pangs strike.

I was pondering upon Dreamery. So, I looked them up on the internet. Turns out, Dreamery belongs to the house of Fonterra – one of the largest dairy manufacturers in the world. They make a healthy and delicious range of dairy products like dahi, flavoured milkshakes, and high-protein Greek yoghurts. They also make cheese slices and toned milk.

Growing fond of Dreamery’s High-Protein Greek Yoghurts, these people urged others to try them as well.

I have never particularly ‘snacked’ on high-protein Greek yoghurt before. However, if it is a healthy, tasty, and filling snacking option as people claim it to be, I’m willing to give it a try!

Because in the end, junk food only satisfies you for a minute, while being fit satisfies you for life.

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