Man Spends 15 Days Trying To Make A Hummingbird Land On Him, Twitter Lauds His Dedication


A lot of us have bird feeders in our gardens and balconies for our feathered friends. We love listening to their chirps in the morning and just generally being close to nature. Joe Ballantyne also has one which is frequented by hummingbirds. Over the past few days, he has been trying to get the tiny bird to land on him.

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His earlier attempts to hold the bird feeder in his hand and bathing with sugar water to mask his ‘human scent’ and entice the bird failed but on Day 15, he fashioned ‘bird feeder glasses’ and achieved sweet success, reports Yahoo News. Take a look.

Here is his attempt on Day 13 i.e. painting flowers on his face, disguising himself as a patch of grass, and holding a cup with sugar water in his mouth.

He has now gone viral on Twitter with people lauding his dedication and saying that it is wholesome to watch him go to such great lengths to be close to hummingbirds.

We’ve never had any birds or butterflies land on our hands, have you?

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