After ‘Humans Of New York’, ‘Humans Of Jharsa’ Is Out To Win Your Heart

We’re all familiar with Humans Of New York-  a page that tells us beautiful, heart-warming, heart-wrenching, and downright hilarious stories of people living in New York. There’s that, and then there’s this- Humans of Jharsa.

Just like in New York, people living in Jharsa, a district near Gurgaon, Haryana, have their own stories to tell. And they’re just as awesome. The people of Jharsa will re-instill the fact in you that Indians are cool, happening people with dynamic personalities that you can’t miss, even if you were dying to.

Don’t believe me? Have a look.

1. This guy knows that his teacher is cougar material



2. And this guy knows the art of seduction



3. This guy knows what it’s like to be really in love



4. And this guy knows that one should believe in themselves



5. This gentleman knows that some relationships are priceless



6. This awesome wingman can put Barney Stinson out of business



7. This guy wants to let the world know that he’s in love



8. This guy knows how to cut the crap and be practical


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9. This guy is the next Ghalib, and he knows it


10. This guy just knows his job, and is willing to go lengths for it



11. These two gentlemen produly show they’re not even close to being homophobic


12. This jaat boy carries his pession on his sleeve



13. This bad boy teaches you never to take tensan



14. This guy also shows you how to keep your head held high with confidence



15. This guy is incredibly subtle about the girl who’s ruling his heart



16. And this guy only wants you to study and do well in life



Humans of Jharsa. Only the best; only the best.

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