Someone Invented A Creepy Human-Mouth Purse & It’s Freaking People Out!

One of the problems we desis face while walking through crowded streets or taking public transport is keeping our wallets safe from pick-pockets! But guys and girls, I have found the ultimate solution to creeping pick-pockets to the extent that even if they get a hand on your purse, they will drop it then and there!

A video that has been recently making rounds on the internet shows a very realistic yet jaw-dropping creepy purse that looks like a man’s mouth. The “human mouth purse” belongs to a Japanese DJ who posted the video on his Instagram, demonstrating how the mouth opens and closes, as if a man was moving his jaws, so that you can keep money inside. What’s creepier is that the inside of the mouth has teeth that look very real!

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It’s as if someone literally cut that portion of a man’s face.

Seems like the guy has a thing for cut-out human parts that can be worn as jewellery. I mean, look at that finger!

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人肉(JIN-NIKU) in Japanese means human flesh

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Do you see how real this looks? I can’t decide whether to laud this man’s creation or to call him downright crazy!

The product became a quick hit among the people of the internet. Netizens flooded the comment section asking where they could buy the purse. However, there were many who were uncomfortable AF!

If anyone can tell me how I could go back in time and unsee this that would be great. Thanks.

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