Wife Faints As Husband Brings Home Human Hands For Dinner, Asks Her To Cook Them


We all love food. And, while some of us are picky eaters, there are others who love experimenting with food. From kiwi on pizzas to dal makhani cappuccino to gulab jamun pav, the world is full of interesting food combinations. So, irrespective of whether you are a ‘fruitarian’ or a hardcore non-vegetarian, trying new dishes is always a fun and exciting experience.

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However, recently, in a bizarre incident, a man from Uttar Pradesh allegedly asked his wife to cook human hands for him. The man, who brought the hands allegedly from a nearby crematorium, asked his wife to cook them for dinner, reports News18.

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Upon seeing the chopped human hands, the woman passed out. To her horror, when she woke up, her husband, the accused, Sanjay, 32, was making preparations to cook the hands by himself. She was horrified to see the human fingers in a pan. So, she immediately locked her husband inside and rushed out of the house to alert her neighbors and call the cops.

The disturbing incident, which took place in Bijnor’s Tikkopur village, has left people in the area shocked. The man, who is reportedly an alcoholic, has been arrested. According to initial probe, Sanjay brought the human flesh from a cremation ground.

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Station house officer (SHO) RC Sharma was quoted by Hindustan Times saying, “We visited the house of the man and found the human flesh. Police have detained the accused. Prima facie, he had brought it from the bank of Ganga where bodies are cremated.”

According to the police, Sanjay had even attacked his father a few days ago. But no case was filed. Meanwhile, his wife has refused to return home for now. Such heinous acts are always punishable by law.

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