50 People In Indore Form Human Chain To Try & Rescue 2 Men From Being Swept Away

They say ‘in unity, there is strength’ and ‘when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved’. And the examples of this can be seen in our daily lives.

When the 100-year-old Kesarbai building collapsed in Mumbai, locals formed a human chain to remove the debris by hand in order to save those who were trapped beneath the rubble. Similarly, villagers in Harpur Bochaha, Bihar, joined hands to turn their wasteland into a green oasis with fruit trees and ponds.

Recently, in Chand Khedi village (Indore, Madhya Pradesh), two milk traders were crossing a flooded stream when they got washed away. When locals got to know about this, over 50 of them formed a human chain to rescue them.

Times Now News quoted Manish Dawar, in-charge of Gautampura Police Station saying that the two victims were 24-year-old Bhura Khan and 20-year-old Ashiq Khan. On September 12, they were making their way with milk vessels in hand when they got swept away by the current. The human chain formed was able to save Ashiq Khan and pull him out. However, the search for Bhura Khan is still underway.

This gesture of the community was appreciated by one and all.

We sincerely hope that the second victim is found soon. Thank you, Indore, for showing us that humanity is above all else.