Here’s The Epic Teaser Of Hulk Vs Iron Man Fight From “Avengers: Age Of Ultron”

[cjtoolbox name=’Hulk vs Ironman’ ] [/cjtoolbox]

Robert Downey Junior brought along a gift for all Avengers fan at the MTV Movie awards 2015. Wondering what the gift is? It’s a face-off between The Hulk and Iron Man.

The only thing we can conclude from this video, like most of the Avenger fans had speculated, is the actions of Hulk were controlled by Scarlet Witch during the battle. Iron man in the suit of ‘Hulk Buster’, tries to persuade Hulk, “That girl is just messing with your mind. You’re better than her; you’re stronger than her. You’re Bruce Banner.”

But, it’s the unstoppable Hulk so it’s safe to say that there is no stopping here.

Curious to know who is damaged after that fatal punch in the end? Well, so are we.

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