Hug Day Memes Flood The Internet On The 6th Day Of Valentine’s Week

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s getting mushier day by day. But as we enter into the 6th day of Valentine’s week, i.e. the ‘Hug Day’, singles and meme-makers around the world are making their meme-game strong with each passing day. They are putting their best memes online to make people like me and you hate our single lives a little less.

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So, after tickling our funny bones with hilarious memes and jokes on ‘Rose Day’, ‘Promise Day’ and ‘Propose Day’ among others, people have been flooding the internet with ‘Hug Day’ memes. And we are sure you will be glad that this day exists.

Take a look:

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Can’t stop laughing? Then share them with your friends and give them some laugh therapy with these out of the world hug day (read in Hindi) memes, LMAO!