HSBC Employee Talks About Toxic Work Culture In Company, Colleague Told Her ‘Ek Chamaat Marenge’

Toxic work culture in India is common in many companies, especially in those where professionals dream of working in. For example, some bosses expect employees to work late hours without extra pay. There is also a lack of respect and appreciation for workers, which we have seen in many cases time and again. In some places, bullying and harassment are ignored or even tolerated. Many employees feel pressured to stay silent about these issues to keep their jobs. This environment makes it hard for people to balance work and personal life. Here’s an example.

Nitika Kumari, a CDD Analyst at HSBC’s Global Service Centre in Hyderabad, recently spoke out about severe workplace toxicity and ethnic harassment as her time at the company nears its end.

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In a LinkedIn post, Kumari detailed her troubling experiences, criticizing the company’s environment and HR policies. She recounted enduring numerous distressing incidents over the past year, initially dismissing them as typical corporate challenges. However, these issues escalated, severely impacting her mental health and causing panic attacks.

In one such toxic workplace experience, she recounted a colleague telling her “Ek chamaat maarenge, Bihar pahuch jaogi.”

“The incident happened on 22 April 2024 when I was subjected to ethnically insensitive remarks by my colleague Ajmeera Ashok. The exacts words which was used by him is ‘EK CHAMAAT MAARENGE, BIHAR PAHUCH JAOGI’ which exactly means – I will slap you so hard, you will go back to Bihar. I did follow the protocol and informed my manager Ayeesha Talukdar about the whole incident but nothing came out of it, except for a team meeting where I was told that my colleague did not physically assault me, it was just a hatred comment which I can let go of (sic).”

Despite reaching out to the HR several times and filing a POSH complaint, no action was taken regarding the incident. However, another incident of character-shaming followed wherein Kumari was on a smoke break and a colleague approached her and claimed that she’s ruining the reputation of the entire team.

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“I was on a smoke break when VINAY KUMAR RAJULDEV, AMO from the UK CDD team approached me and made objectifying remarks on me. The comment he made was ‘Tmhare jaisi ladki hum aaj tk ni dekhe hai, akele pura UK team ka naam kharab kr k rkhi hai.’ which means – He has never seen a girl like me, I have ruined the name of their team. I did ask him the reason for saying such things to which he replied ‘tmhare alawa kisi UK team ki ladki ko hm ni dkhe hai cigarette pite huye’ which means – he has never seen any girl from the UK team smoking cigarettes. Later while going back inside the office, I saw him eating tobacco and spitting on the wall inside the office premises (sic).”

Have a look at her full post here:

Kumari’s allegations show how there are significant problems regarding the company’s culture which need to be addressed and rectified.

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