Desis Can’t Digest That Hrithik Roshan & GF Saba Took Pics With Sussanne Khan & BF Arslan

For some of us, it’s really awkward and weird to maintain a cordial relationship with our exes. We can feel the tension in the air the moment we share a space with our ex. And when they bring along their current partners, it becomes worse.

But some celebs have a way of dealing with this complicated situation. They simply accept the present and try not to dwell in the past, especially with negative feelings.

Recently, veteran Bollywood actor Neena Gupta was appreciated online for gracefully posting pictures of her blended family during her daughter Masaba’s wedding.

Now, it’s Hrithik Roshan who has become the talk of the town for reuniting with his ex-wife Sussanne Khan during a music festival.

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What got people talking online was when Hrithik Roshan and his current girlfriend Saba Azad got clicked with Sussanne Khan and her boyfriend Arslan Goni.

They were also joined by Hrithik and Sussanne’s son Hrehaan.

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Apparently, everyone was there in Lollapalooza Mumbai to root for singer-actress Saba Azad who was performing at the event.

While Twitter appreciated how the celebs kept things cool between them, desis joked that they would have blocked their partners from everywhere let alone clicking pics together.

Some people’s anxiety would just skyrocket knowing that they have to share a space with their ex. But if you have separated on good terms, I think that won’t be a problem. What about you?

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