Celebs Have Picked Sides In The Hrithik-Kangana Fiasco And It’s Getting Uglier By The Hour

The whole Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut fiasco is now being viewed under a new light after Hrithik finally broke his silence on the whole matter. People, no matter how much they deny it, want to know the truth and are very much interested in knowing the details of the battle royal between the two parties.

The matter got more heated up after Hrithik’s “never met her outside work” comment and the whole statement he penned down on Facebook.

The internet is divided into two major camps, Team Kangana and Team Hrithik. Some celebrities have taken to Twitter to show their solidarity with Roshan Jr.

1. Like Vikram Bhatt

2. Vishal Dadlani was misquoted saying this.

Vishal clarified that he was misquoted.

4. Hrithik’s friend Aalim wrote an FB status about it.

5. Kunal Kapoor hailed Hrithik’s side as the truth.

6. So did Dia Mirza.

7. Netizens too sided with Hrithik.


8. Ashish Chowdhury shared the father’s woes.

There were people siding with Kangana on it too.

1. Like, this guy.


2. There’s this account, by the way.

But then there were people who were cracking jokes.

1. She’s being called Hillary of India.

2. Some pointed out how stretched the matter is getting.

3. And a comparison with Rakhi Sawant, of course.

Amid this hullabaloo, there are people who don’t want to hear anything about it.

1. Like Omar Abdullah.

2. People who want news of national importance on the news channels.

Things are getting heated up on the inter-web and in the legal battle between Hrithik and Kangana.

Cover Image Courtesy: Hotstar, Kites