Guy Shares Trick To Reach Bengaluru Airport On Time To Receive Someone From Mumbai

To reach Kempegowda International Airport from anywhere in Bengaluru city is like trying to find meaning in a confusing Bollywood movie – it is chaotic and filled with unnecessary twists. Sometimes, you’ll find the car being driven at a speed of 120 km/hr on an empty road and other times, you’ll find yourself being stuck in the insufferable Bengaluru traffic for as long as it takes to complete a PhD.

However, a guy named Vishal Jain shared a brilliant tip to arrive at the airport right on time to receive someone arriving from Mumbai. Mumbai to Bengaluru flights take about 2 hours. So if you were to leave your house in Bengaluru at the same time when the other person boards their flight, you would reach just in time to receive them!

Representational image

This is because on a good day, it takes an hour or a little more to reach Bengaluru airport but on a bad day, be rest assured that you would need 2 hours!

“Bengaluru survival tip: If you are going to receive someone at Bengaluru Airport arriving from Mumbai, to reach airport on time leave simultaneously when people board their flight You will reach by the time they land or not!” Vishal wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Definitely going to try this the next time I have to pick someone from the airport! ūüėÄ

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