Doctor Saves A Choking Baby’s Life By Giving Her CPR, Here’s How You Can Do It Too

In this video, shared on a Reddit group ‘Humans Being Bros’, we can see how a doctor saved the life of a girl, who almost choked to death in Egypt, by giving her emergency CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).

The clip opens with the mother of the child rushing inside the doc’s clinic with the baby in her hand. Evidently, she is panicking because the child has lost consciousness.

On hearing them alarmed, the doc rushes out of his room and starts performing CPR on the child. He turns this child downwards and starts giving it firm back slaps and luckily, the kiddo regains her consciousness in a couple of minutes.

The parents were overjoyed and couldn’t think of ways to thank the doctor. They even touched his feet to express their gratitude for saving their child.


The moment a doctor saved the life of a girl who almost choked to death (Egypt) from HumansBeingBros

Lucky for them that their child was attended to by an expert professional. But more often than not, we don’t have a doctor at hand to attend to such emergency situations. Hence, it becomes crucial for all of us to know this emergency procedure and perform it on the patient while the meds arrive on spot.

For those who are clueless about it, let us give you a brief on how you can also be a first respondent and avoid a mishap in case there are no doctors available.

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If a baby is choking on an object, you will need to get it out and for that, you will need to give a series of back slaps and chest thrusts to the child.

Steps for back slaps:

  1. Place your baby face down, over your forearm supporting the neck and head with your hand.
  2. It’s suggested to sit and support your forearm on your thigh.
  3. Then give the back slaps, down and towards the head of the child, right between the baby’s shoulder blades.
  4. Give it in a series of five counts.
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If the object still doesn’t come out, and the child doesn’t cough or cries then you need to give 5 chest thrusts.

Steps for chest thrusts:

  1. Support the neck and head of the baby on your forearm, and place the baby face up.
  2. Place two fingers just below the middle-nipple line over the center of the chest and give five chest thrusts.
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Continue back slaps and chest thrusts until the object comes out, and the baby cries and begins to breathe.

If the baby becomes unresponsive in your arms, place the baby on a hard surface. Ask for help and call the emergency services. 

In the meantime, try performing 5 cycles of CPR. Here’s how:

  1. First, place your two fingers just below the middle-nipple line in the center of the baby’s chest.
  2. Push hard and fast for 30 counts.
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After 30 compressions, you’ll need to check the baby’s mouth for the object. If the object can’t be seen, DO NOT put your fingers in the baby’s mouth. You might push the object further inside.

If nothing comes out, attempt to give two breaths to the baby. 

  • Cover the baby’s mouth and nose with your mouth and give two puffs hoping to see the chest rise.
  • If air doesn’t go in, complete the 30 compressions and the 2-breath cycle together.
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Continue giving compressions, checking the mouth for the objects, and giving two breaths to the baby for 5 cycles or until the object comes out, the baby cries and breathes, or until help reaches you.

You can watch the informative video here:

We hope you don’t get into a grim situation like this. But even if anyone does, learning these simple and easy methods can help save a choking baby or anyone in need.

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