Husband Who Has An ‘Angry & Sensitive’ Wife Asks Desis How To Handle Her, They Respond

Be it love or arranged, marriages are complicated and are definitely a work in progress. And no matter how many books you read about leading a healthy married life, we shouldn’t forget that it takes two to Tango.

But when things go out of hand and people are left with no place to vent out their emotions, they turn to social media and anonymously talk to strangers looking for answers to their complicated life.

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Following suit, a husband took to Reddit to ask others how to deal with an angry and sensitive wife. In a long rant, he vented out that he is frustrated how his wife gets angry even for the slightest things.

“There was an argument once and I shouted back at her also. The next day my neighbour complained to keep our voice down. So whenever we have an argument and she shouts I will ask her to keep the volume. She would then say that I’m living my life just to please others. She always fights in front of others in public places. I ask her to go home and talk and she wouldn’t listen to me.”

Notably, he also added that he had beaten his wife twice after losing his patience.

“I have done a monstrous thing of hitting her on 2 separate occasions since I lost my patience (which is one of the worst things I have ever done in my life)

She always things in the wrong angle as well. One day I ate lunch at my mother-in-law’s place. I got food poison that day. I just said to the wrong that I got food poison after eating lunch. For that, she said you are accusing my mother.”

Read his entire post here:

How do you deal with an angry and sensitive wife? from india

On reading how miserable he was, desis dropped by in the comments section to share what they think of his situation:

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A couple of people thought that he was also to be blamed:

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There were also some who suggested separation:

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Sit down and talk, said others.

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We hope these suggestions help him handle the situation better.

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