Man Shows How To Bathe A Baby Using His Pet Cat Who Falls Asleep During Demo, Watch


People who live with cats know how difficult it is to hold them for a very long time. If they do not wish to be held, which is most times, they will perform a 180-degree flip to get out of your reach. It’s almost as if they do not consider hoomans worthy!

So when one cat patiently sat through an adorable demonstration where it not just had to be held, but moved around from bucket to lap to sofa a couple of times, the internet was in for a surprise! According to The Indian Express, one man showed his son how to bathe a baby using his pet cat to demonstrate.

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He shows how to hold, scrub, and massage the baby all the while performing the same actions of the cat which almost falls asleep during the demonstration!

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Have a look at the video here:

People online couldn’t believe how patient the cat is! Many cat parents said how their cat would never be so kind as to let them do this.

If only my cat had been half this patient!

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