People Reveal How Their Northeast Friends Are Treated By Indians On An Everyday Basis

When you follow the news every day, you are most likely bound to come across cases of discrimination and atrocity against people from Northeast India. From sexual harassment to being called insulting names, it is heartbreaking to see how they are treated on an everyday basis.

Indians on Reddit who are from the Northeast or have friends from that region opened up about the kind of discrimination they face. One Reddit user revealed that while studying in Delhi, he found that many of his classmates called northeastern women an “easy catch” and “prostitutes”, meanwhile the guys were called “drug addicts”.

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“I have some Assamese friends and whenever they visit my flat I get ‘the look’ from my landlord…when I confronted him today, he told me to stay away from these guys as they are ‘drug addicts’. I see autorickshaws refusing them rides, vendors charging them extra for everything, etc.”

Have a look at the full post here:

why do we treat north easterns so differently? from india

Responding to the post, several other people revealed how their northeastern friends are treated by society. From being charged extra on visiting the Taj Mahal because people thought they were foreigners to being told to “go back” to China, the ordeals are shocking.

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Not just in Delhi, but the discrimination is rampant even in other cities like Mumbai and Kolkata.

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Earlier, Ankita Konwar had rightly said that people from the northeast only become ‘Indians’ after they win a medal. On other days, they are treated inhumanly. When will this stop?

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