How Different Is Your Family From Other Families? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

You will never find two families that are exactly the same. All families are unique in their own way and have their own signature traits. Some parents take it upon themselves to make every decision, while some think it’s important to consider everyone’s point of view while making important family decisions. They function as a team, just like Hiten and Gauri’s family!

Hiten and Gauri Tejwani were everyone’s favourite TV couple back in the early 2000s. They now have two kids, a daughter named Katya and a son, Nevaan. In the past, many hailed them as the perfect couple. However, now it’s time to give them the title of the perfect family – one that spends ample time together, engages in fun activities, and makes decisions together. If you have doubts, watch how the Tejwani family escaped a locked room by solving clues together and displayed amazing team spirit!

So, does your family come together to make decisions or do the heads of the family get to make the final call? Take this quiz to find out!





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