Housing Society To Fine Domestic Workers, Delivery Executives ₹1K For Using Passenger Lifts

In gated societies and decent apartment complexes across India lives a section of our society who work good jobs, have impressive degrees, earn the kind of money that promises them a comfortable lifestyle and come across as the kind of people who are warm, welcoming and believe in an egalitarian world. But their egalitarian values often come to a pause when it comes to sharing a lift with domestic workers and delivery executives.

A woman named Shaheena Attarwala took to social media to share a notice she came across while she was on a lift probably inside a gated society. The notice read, “House maids, delivery boys, and workers should not use passenger lifts. In case they are caught, they will be fined Rs 1,000.”

Representational image

The thing is, Rs 1,000 might not be a big deal for the people living in the society but it is a huge deal for these workers. How difficult is it to coexist in the same space as them?

Several people online slammed these kinds of methods of social segregation. It is insensitive and inhumane, to say the least. Here’s a look at some of the reactions calling the society out:

As a society, we really need to rethink the kind of values we are leaving behind for generations to come.

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