Sonam Kapoor Slammed For Saying She Likes The Freedom Of Doing Housework In London

Actor Sonam Kapoor who has relocated to London following her wedding with husband Anand Ahuja, recently spoke of her life away from her motherland. India Today reports that she divulged details of date-nights with Anand, where they dress up for home-cooked dinners. 

Kapoor added that she misses India and her loved ones here, sorely. However, she mentioned that she adores the parks, quality of life, museums and lack of pollution in England. “I love living here, but India is where my heart is.”

She also shared that being away from her home in India during the pandemic has made her anxious. “Friends have lost their parents. Young people have passed away, people I know. I didn’t sleep for a month.” When speaking of her life in London, Sonam made a statement that may have rubbed people the wrong way.

She said, “I like the freedom here. I make my own food, clean my own space, shop for my own groceries.”

However, her sentiment irked some people online as they questioned her use of the word ‘freedom’ in the context of India. Some quizzed why she couldn’t do household chores in her Mumbai home; while several others probed whether cooking and looking after oneself can be termed as ‘freedom’. Take a look-

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