Masaba Gupta’s Brand Features Same-Sex Couple Amit & Aditya For Their Upcoming Collection

Gay couple, Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju challenged the judgemental, homophobic, patriarchal society when they got married in a dreamy wedding which saw all the rituals unfold, beautifully, back in 2019.


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Back in the day when people looked down upon same-sex couples, these guys made a statement that love is meant to be celebrated. Yet again, they have done the forbidden and broken the glass ceiling by modeling for Masala Gupta‘s fashion line ‘House Of Masaba’.

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According to the Times Of India, the couple modeled for the fashion house’s festive collection along with Amit’s parents who have wholeheartedly given their blessings to their relationship. The family of four donned beautiful ensembles from the brand’s autumn-winter collection that’s clearly all about stripes and floral prints, the signature of the brand.

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Look at these smiling faces.

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Masala Gupta has always been an avid supporter of the LGBTQAI+ community and by featuring Amit and Aditya in her next campaign she has done it again.

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It’s refreshing to see this couple collab with an internationally acclaimed brand. Representation is what we need to make the world inclusive. Such stories need to be told.

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