Men Share How They Feel About Being A Stay-At-Home Husband

Times are changing and people, irrespective of what gender they identify with, have started living their lives on their own terms. The stereotypes of yesteryear don’t bother them much. Hence, men aren’t afraid to stay home and take care of their families, and women don’t hesitate to head out of their homes to realize their dreams.

However, some are still skeptical about whether or not men like being house-husbands. Hence, a Reddit user penned this query:

Would you be ok being a house-husband? Why or wy not? from AskMen

Interestingly, there were a lot of responses to his query. Those who are and would love to be stay-at-home husbands shared how they feel about it.

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On the other hand, there were some who thought it was a bad idea.

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Would you prefer taking care of the household chores and looking after your kids? Tell us!

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