House-help Gives Touching Farewell & A Grand Feast To Guy Who’s Moving To Another City

Our house-helps are those people with whom we grow up sharing a loving bond. They tend to take care of our needs in every way possible and we become fond of them with every passing day. Let’s just say that after spending years working in a household, they become like family.

Similarly, a guy named Anish Bhagat took to Instagram to share how his house-help, Reshma di, threw him a grand feast and gave him a farewell as he’s to move to another city for work.

In a video, Anish is seen visiting Reshma di’s home where she’s organized a grand feast with multiple food items for him. A man applies tilak on his forehead and gifts him a traditional cap. Reshma di’s entire family seems so happy to host them and they finally take loving pictures together.

“I can’t express how emotional I am. Reshma di is my best friend. I’ve been very sad about moving out because I’m so used to seeing her everyday. This gesture of her only makes it worse because she has always genuinely cared. The way she welcomed us to her place is just so damn wholesome. Not only that but the amount of efforts she put into making us feel special Is insurmountable. I’m sad that I won’t be able to see her as often. However, this isn’t the end for us. It’s in fact a new beginning. Reshma di is always gonna be here with me and with all of you. I’m filled with only gratitude,” he writes.

Have a look:

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People online couldn’t get over how adorable the video is and showered a lot of love on the house-help and her family for organizing such a thoughtful feast for the guy. Here’s what some of them said:

In a world half-full of hate, this kind of love and relationship truly warms our hearts. 🙂

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