What Is The Hottest Fashion Accessory This Season? 5 Lifestyle Bloggers Spill The Beans!

If you are a fashion forward person or someone who likes to make a statement wherever you go, there are chances you are fidgeting with your accessory, as we talk. And while you acknowledge the same, let’s appreciate the game-changer that accessories, today, truly are! Be it a minimalistic, white top-denim day or an all outgoing LBD night, what you chose to carry along speaks volumes about your personality.

And it goes without saying, the accessory you pick accentuates your entire look. Now, I’m no fashion expert but I can bet my life that stylish phones are the hottest fashion accessory in the market right now. And with the right blend of geek and chic, the all new OPPO F3 is ruling the roost! 

If you do not believe me, we have 5 fashionistas in the house to the vouch for the same. Have a dekko. 

1. Juhi Godambe

fashion accessory


If you follow Juhi on Instagram, you’d know that the social media influencer is a connoisseur of everything class and stylish! And all the all new OPPO F3 is her newest obsession. Needless to say, she uses her phone to express her personal style, anytime and anywhere. What’s not to like?

2. Miss Malini

“There’s a new fashion accessory no blogger can live without. Hint: Rose gold is the new black!”

Miss Malini and her sartorial fashion sense need no introduction. And when she quirks it up with the all new OPPO F3, you know you just can’t afford to miss it!

3. Aakriti Rana Gill

fashion accessory

“I feel powerless without it.”

Aakriti loves selfies (who doesn’t?) and she loves to go black. Want to know what she loves next? That’s right; the OPPO F3 in Matte Black! The touch, the finish, honestly it is hard not to fall in love with it. We feel ya, Aakriti.

4. Aayushi Bangur Sahu

“It’s not just a device.”

Styledrive, as she is popularly known, has never stepped out and not upped the ante. And this time, with the OPPO F3 Selfie Expert, she is breaking her own records! Stylish, suave and sexy, get the drift? Btw, her favourite color is the Gold OPPO F3.

5. Abhinav Mathur

fashion accessory

“The camera is LIT.”

Abix is a style Ninja and he has said it out loud. A stylish look is incomplete without a stylish selfie and OPPO F3 is here to ensure you don’t make that mistake. Amirite, Abhinav?

Before I forget, the ace fashion bloggers also swear by OPPO F3’s wide angle group selfie and I can totally see why! 


Got more questions for your favourite blogger? This video will give you all your answers. 

The OPPO F3 Selfie Expert has a dual front camera- one for selfie, one for group selfie. A 16 MP selfie camera for individual selfies and a wide angle lens for group selfies. No wonder it’s called the Selfie Expert.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself the all new OPPO F3 Selfie Expert and flaunt your fashion accessory like a boss!

P.S. Get ready for a lot of stares. 😉

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