Quiz: Can You Guess The Tasty Snacks That Hostelites Binged On During College Days?

Most of the peeps who spent even a year staying at a hostel would agree that those were indeed the best days of our lives. The limited amount of pocket money, stealing homecooked food from a friend’s cupboard, and doing experimental cooking with whatever we had always felt like an adventure. And there were certain food items that were our hostel staple.

Just go down memory lane and try guessing these snacks that most of us hogged on during our hostel days.

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1. The quintessential midnight snack.

2. The easiest and yummiest jugaad food.

3. Most of us had a huge stock of this hidden inside our cupboards.

4. You would always find a pack of these with a friend.

5. We couldn't stop at just one.

6. The snack that we all brought from home but our friends ate.

7. My favorite chatpata snack.

8. It would take hours for mom to prepare this and we would hogg it in like seconds.

9. This and aam ka achaar- the best combo ever!

10. The one that satiated our sweet cravings.

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