Scared By Firecrackers, Horse Runs Away From Wedding Venue With Groom On His Back

While several people enjoy burning firecrackers on special occasions, it is not fun for animals. They are incredibly scared of the noise and commotion created by them and often run away to hide somewhere that’s safer and quiet.

The same thing happened with his poor horse. During an Indian wedding, the groom had just arrived at the bride’s place with the procession sitting atop a horse, as per tradition. However, someone burnt a noisy firecracker right in front of the horse, reported Zee News. A video of the incident went viral recently on Instagram.

The horse got so scared that it ran away with the groom sitting on top! The family members ran behind to stop the horse but in vain.

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The video is hilarious AF and a classic example of how testing an animal’s patience can often backfire! Have a look at the video here:


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Upon verifying, we found out that this video is actually from 22 July, 2021 and the incident occurred in a village named Rampura in Ajmer, Rajasthan. Apparently, the groom tried to get off the horse but failed and many people on cars and bikes followed them for a long time. After 4 kilometres, they were able to stop the horse and bring them back safely to the wedding venue.

Daily reminder: Do not mess with animals!

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