Video Shows Odisha Woman Skillfully Riding A Horse Donning A Saree, People React

In the past, we’ve seen women skiing in a saree, knocking down all 10 pins while bowling and also hula-hooping perfectly wearing the traditional garment. Now, Monalisa Bhadra of Jahal village, Jajpur district, Odisha, has shared videos of herself horse-riding while donning the 9 yards.

According to India Today, her husband Badri Narayan Bhadra introduced her to YouTube and now she earns Rs. 1.5 lakh by uploading videos on the platform.

Here she is driving a loaded troller in a saree:

Taking the wheel of a Volvo bus:

And also a truck! What a rockstar!

Her videos have received a mixed response online. Some have praised her talent while others have questioned if a saree is the right attire while driving from a safety and comfort perspective.

What do you think of her videos? Tell us.

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