9 Creepy And Paranormal Games That Are Not For The Faint Hearted

Who doesn’t love a little thrill and horror? There is something about the dark that attracts us to it. Our quest for the unknown often takes us takes us too far.

Here are some games that you should try out if you think you are brave!

1. The Ouija board game

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Most of you must have heard stories about this game from your parents or grandparents. The Ouija boards first came into existence around the late 19th century. The board is used as a medium to communicate with spirits.

It is believed that the spirits can be summoned with the help of an Ouija board. It is a flat board marked with alphabets and numbers.

Many people believe that it can lead to demonic possession. While the scientists, on the other hand, believe that the board moves because of something called the ideomotor effect.


2. Three Kings Cross

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This is another very popular paranormal game. In order to play this game, you need to find a place where no light can enter.

Around midnight go to that room with candles, two mirrors preferably large ones, three chairs and any memorable and significant object from your childhood and place them properly.

After you are done, leave the door open and come to your bedroom. Go there again after 3 and make sure that everything is in the exact same position as you left them. At exactly 3:33 AM, be seated on your chair with a lighted candle in your hand.

Once you have assumed your seat, look straight into the mirror, at your own reflection. After few minutes, you would start to sense a weird presence around you that will try to communicate with you.

Some people have also claimed that they felt the other person in the room was none other than their own spirit.


3. The dark reflection game

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It is less of a game and more of a ritual. Many people believe can bring good luck.

The rules of this game are simple. You need to find a mirror, preferably a hand mirror and look straight at it. Try to focus all our negative thoughts and hold it to a burning flame until a black smudge appears on it.

After that, smash the mirror. It is believed that throughout the night many things will happen that could possibly even take your life, but if you survive, then you will be blessed with good luck.


4. One-Man Hide and Seek

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This game originated in Japan and was known as Hitori Kakurenbo. This is a weird and spooky game where you play hide and seek with a doll.

In order to play the game, all you need to do is get hold of a stuffed doll, then remove all its stuffings and replace it with rice along with a piece of your fingernail.

Then you need to sew the doll with a red thread and wrap the remaining thread around the doll. Then you need to place the doll in a tub filled with water and then go and switch off all the lights.

Come to the same place where you kept the doll after some time, if the doll is gone then the game is on and now it’s your turn to hide.


5. Charlie Charlie

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The game can be played with two pencils or four pencils.

If you are playing it with four pencils, two players need to hold two pencils each, in the shape of a square, and press the ends of each other’s pencils and suddenly the pencils starts moving without the player’s control.

The same game can also be played with two pencils, the two pencils are kept crossed to create a grid with sectors labeled “yes” and “no”.

It is said that it summons a Mexican demon called Charlie, who then answers all your questions.


6. The Elevator game

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Apparently, this scary game is quite popular in Korea. In order to play this game, you need to find an elevator in a building which is at least 10 stories high.

All you need to do is get into the elevator all alone and press the buttons 4-2-6-2-10-5. If a woman enters your elevator at the fifth floor then the game is on.

The elevator then takes you to a different world and if wish return to the real world just press the same buttons again and you will be back from where you started.

Just make sure that when you play this game, no one else is using the elevator.


7. Kokkuri San

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This is a game is popular in japan. Japanese alphabets are written on a piece of paper and a coin is placed over it.

People try to summon him by repeatedly calling out his name and asking him questions. Soon the coin begins to move and slowly spells out the answer.

The game has become so popular in japan that many schools have actually banned this game.


8. Bloody Mary

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This is an old and popular paranormal game, in this game, people try to summon the spirit if bloody mary.

In order to summon her, you need to keep staring into a mirror alone in the dark and keep repeating her name. Soon, she would arrive and would try to kill you.

Many people believe that constantly staring at the mirror automatically creates a kind of hallucination which makes us think that Bloody Mary is in the room.


9. Hide and clap in the Dark

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This game is like a simple hide and clap game but you need to play this game in absolute darkness.

People believe that it works only if you play it in a large house with fewer occupants.

As soon as you start playing the game with your friends, you would start to sense that other invisible players have also joined you.

Well, if you are brave enough, go and play them and see whether the games are actually spooky or not.

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