People Are Mesmerized By The Aerial Mating Dance Of Two Hornbills

Courting a potential mate is a LOT of work and various species have different mating rituals that help them step up their game. Hummingbirds whip their tails, mice whistle or sing tunes, Bowerbirds build bowers with twigs and stones and then decorate them with flower petals, Pufferfish create symmetrical patterns in the ocean floor, men use pick-up lines and women apply makeup ๐Ÿ˜›

The Great Hornbills also have their own courtship rituals. They usually mate for life and males indulge in aerial acrobatics and head-butting while competing for a female’s attention.

Representative Image

Twitter user and CEOย of Chilika Development Authorityย @susantananda3 recently shared a romantic video of two Hornbills courting by dancing and sharing food.

The location of the video is unknown but the birds have surely won hearts online garnering over 18,000 views. Their ‘nesting ritual‘ which follows the mating is also quite interesting. The impregnated female isolates herself inside a tree hole and seals it up leaving a small opening for the male to regularly bring food. She stays there until the baby chick is ready to venture into the outside world. This can take around 4 months.

People found the dance both graceful and beautiful which was a small glimpse into the ‘love’ lives of Hornbills.

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