This Company’s Cringeworthy Cooking Course Claims To Make Women ‘Excellent’ Wives

Have you ever had experiences where your mom or grandmom has told you that if you can’t cook then nobody is going to marry you? Or other bizarre things like if you don’t put oil in your hair and don’t wake up at 5 in the morning then you’ll probably die alone?

Well look around and ask a woman, because that has been most of our childhood!

But you might think that zamana badal gaya hai. Nobody says all those things anymore. Well, you would think!

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Because recently a company from Hong Kong has raised a lot of eyebrows and given people the cringe with their “Excellent Wife” cooking course.

“If you aspire to be the best girlfriend or wife in town, ‘Excellent Wife’ cooking course is perfect for you,” reads the flyer by Towngas Cooking Centre which is operated by Hong Kong & China Gas Co.

According to their website, the course fee is HK$2,500 (23K INR) for 5 lessons and they teach you everything from menu planning to knowing about different types of cooking oils.

Because if you didn’t know how to steam and fry, what good are you anyway?

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“Based on the sharing with our customers from time to time, they would like to learn cooking skills to make nice meals for their husbands and boyfriends, so we designed this course for our members, and men are also welcome,” Hong Kong & China Gas said in an email.

If men are also welcome to the class, why doesn’t the flyer say so? That’s a major cover-up fail, BTW.

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“Perhaps Towngas needs to modernize its marketing people. Hong Kong is a very conservative and old-fashioned society in many ways — they still don’t allow gay marriage or civil unions for example”, said shareholder activist David Webb.

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Just to clarify with the Hong Kong company peeps, if I can cook everything there is in the course, but manage to burn down the house while I hysterically laugh at the sight wearing my evil horns, I’m still the perfect wife right?

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