From Physical Assault To Cheating, A Look Into Honey Singh’s Wife’s Allegations Against Him

Recently, rapper Honey Singh’s wife of 10 years, Shalini Talwar accused him of domestic violence and filed a petition at court. She alleged that Singh subjected her to physical, mental, and sexual “torture” and cruelty.

According to Hindustan Times, Shalini Talwar has filed a 120-page long and detailed petition and has made several allegations against Honey Singh.

First, she accused him of growing “rude” and “cold” during their honeymoon in Mauritius back in 2011. When she confronted him about his behavior, he allegedly “pushed her on the bed and told her that he got married to her against his will, only due to the ‘commitment he had made towards her”.

Singh also allegedly left her alone during the trip and was in a drunken state. Shalini revealed that he “pulled her hair, slapped her and told her to ‘shut up'” when she asked him about it.

Second, Shalini alleged that Honey Singh refused to wear his wedding ring, claiming that diamonds brought him “bad luck”. She also alleged that he slept with various other women, never disclosing the fact that he was married.

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Third, she accused him of having an affair with a woman who worked with him on the ‘Brown Rang’ video. She claimed that when she was celebrating Karwa Chauth and fasting for him, Singh was in Dubai with the woman. When he returned, she allegedly found pictures of him with the woman in “compromising positions”. When she confronted him, he allegedly threw liquor bottles at her and asked her to mind her own business.

She further went on to claim that Singh “mercilessly beat her up” when pictures from their wedding were leaked online and accused her of the act. He apparently got someone to morph those pictures and make it seem as if they were from a movie shoot.

In another shocking allegation, Shalini claimed that her father-in-law once walked in on her in an intoxicated condition while she was changing her clothes. She also alleged that he “grazed his hands over her chest”, reports Zee News.

Shalini says that she has evidence of “domestic violence” perpetrated on her and that she felt like a “farm animal being treated cruelly”.

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