These Videos By AIB Show What Indian Weddings Would Be Like If They Were Brutally Honest

Ever wondered why the birth-date of every person is remembered?
Why, it’s to force the person to get married as soon as they are of “age”, of course! (Read: as soon as they get a degree in their hand)
And let’s not forget about India’s favourite sport.
Cricket? Nah.
Football. Nope.
Any other guesses?
It’s arranged marriage!
Because hanging out with strangers is dangerous, but spending the rest of your life with a person you met for 22 minutes 45 seconds will bring you peace, prosperity and happiness! 🙂
Oh, and the fun in these marriages!

These hilarious videos by All India Bakchod will have you in splits and wiping off tears as they reveal what really happens in Indian weddings!

The guy is an engineer PLUS an MBA? *shaadi toh pakki hai bhai*
The girl is whiter than milk and flour combined, AND can make round rotis? *future set*

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