20 Comics That Are Oh-So-Real You’ll See Yourself In Each Of Them

Life’s hard and we all know that. But sometimes laughing at our problems makes it all easier. Cause c’mon adulting and going through the daily grind is difficult enough, why not add some humour to the mix and carry on.

To give that comic relief to life, Croatian artist cujkocomics draws brutally honest illustrations. And they’re so dark and truthful that you might actually smile though the pain.

1. When bae has other plans.

2. Still better than having your own name tattooed.

3. And the world goes round and round.

4. Hence proved.

5. Mom= savage!

6. Tiny truthful tales.

7. *ahem Apple ahem*

8. Life is a sucks.

9. Please excuse me while I dry myself.

10. Vote most helpful kid in school.

11. Modern love is transient as is life.

12. There’s a killer on the lose.

13. Uhh, thanks dad (I guess?!)

14. Progress is in the eyes of the beholder.

15. I worked hard for it, okay!

16. My expression right about now.

17. That escalated quickly.

18. A gift is always appreciated.

19. Wish granted.

20. And that’s what you call a successful operation.

Okay, please excuse me while I sit and sob in the corner. BRB.