Chandigarh Artist’s Honest Comics On ‘Love Charzer’ Ram Rahim Are Pretty Impressive

Dera Sacha Sauda and the influence of Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singhji Insaan has been massive over the years and there’s absolutely no denying in the power the religious cult group has. In the name of religion and faith, Babaji aka Pitaji aka Husbandji aka Papa Coach covered up his wrongdoings and his blind followers didn’t lose an iota of belief in their “God”. But after his conviction as a rapist, the Pandora’s box of Ram Rahim’s secrets opened and what’s found in it was pretty damn ugly.

Amid the news flashes of what goes or went on inside Dera Sacha Sauda HQ’s, a Chandigarh-based, Saksham Verma, an artist made a witty-yet-sarcastic comic series on Baba Ram Rahim. And, they are funny and dripping in truth.


Here are the comics in form of covers.

1. Under Babaji’s spell.

“An absolutist’s foundation agenda.”


2. Kaun insaan?

“A king is no king with his kingdom.”


3. Babaji’s Love Charzer got those bars up.

“Some people create their own storms, and then get upset when it rains.”


4. I highly doubt that.

“Could it be a conspiracy?”


5. Unsullied at his command.

“What is the cost of devotion?”


6. Babaji’s ecstasy!

“A not-so-secretive addiction.”


7. A collage of all the “issues”.


8. Ram Rahim Singh…


9. Say, everybody, Our Satguru, The Love Charzer! True love charzer.


Saksham told us,

“Being in this city (Chandigarh), I am very close to other areas of Haryana and Punjab and have been constantly exposed to the rising issue of Dera Sacha Sauda. Based on the news and my personal thoughts, I have created a project centering Ram Rahim as my protagonist.”

Well, the comic series has wits on point and we are quite impressed. What do you think?

The comics have been used after taking due permission from the author.