15 Honest Comics That Depict The Nasty Stuff You Do When You Get Too Comfortable With Bae!


When a relationship is new, there’s this inexplicable excitement in it. That’s one helluva phase. And, all the love songs and the movies and the comics are about that. But, when the relationship matures and people get too comfortable with each other, that’s where the real fun begins. You know you have someone with whom you can share not only your home, but also your whole life.

Depicting that perfectly is Mary Park, who through her work Murrz, an illustrated girlfriend extraordinaire is showing what living with your long-term bae is like. It highlights the good, bad and the ugly of any relationship and they’re just brutally honest and on point.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself. Oh, and, it’s a laugh riot too! 😀

1. Couples that poop together, stay together 😛

2. Because the same kind of weird is cute.

3. This is sooo adorable.

4. Arggghh! Don’t you just hate it when your boo has better eyelashes than you?

5. This is me as a girlfriend!

6. That irritating-at-first-awesome-later feeling.

7. Innocent poke turns the room into a war zone.

8. The weirdest person bae loves.

9. I’m totally capable of doing this. Hehehe!

10. Umm, no! Pimple? Where?

11. Effin’ true!

12. You know you’ve reached ultimate level of comfort with your BF when you can fart without being embarrassed.

13. Asking for help certainly, doesn’t hurt.

14. When he wanted to rid them off but the PPs always return.

15. Starts on the right note and ends like THIS!


Aren’t these just melting your hearts? They are so relatable too. Now, all I need is a bae who’s going to be comfortable with me like this. 😛

H/T: Bored Panda

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