Delhi Doctor Used Electric Shocks To ‘Treat’ Homosexuals, Summoned By Court

‘Homosexuality’ is a sexual preference, not a disorder. Though the statement looks transparent enough, the majority of our society seem to lack the common sense required to fathom it. It is a pity that even after the Supreme Court’s landmark decision which ruled out Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, we have failed to treat homosexuals as normal human beings and give them the deserved respect.

And in another disgraceful incident that has come up to light, a doctor has been using electric shock to ‘treat’ gay and lesbian people. This is because of his belief, which terms homosexuality as “genetic mental disorder”.

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The man has been identified as Dr. P K Gupta, who continued his ridiculous practice even after being de-barred by the Delhi Medical Council (DMC).

However, Dr. Gupta has been summoned by a Delhi court for violating the norms. According to The Indian Express, the court took the decision after receiving a complaint from the DMC stating that he used hormonal and shock therapy to ‘treat’ his homosexual patients.

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The notice also mentioned that the council had penalized him for his methods in 2016 and had ordered to stop practicing in Delhi. Despite being warned, he continued with his bizarre practice.

Speaking about the ‘conversion therapy’ Dr. Gupta tried to cure his patients with, Metropolitan magistrate Abhilash Malhotra said,

“It is amply clear that the legislature in its prudence and vision did not thought sexual orientation to be part of mental illness. Accordingly, it is clear that the treatment given by the doctors as a part of ‘conversion therapy’ is not recognised either by the medicine or by the legislation.”

According to the court, Gupta, who ran a super specialty clinic at Karol Bagh, charged Rs. 4500 for 15 minutes of counseling! Depending on the counseling, he would then decide whether to go for hormonal therapy or psychological therapy.

Gupta had also ignored DMC’s warning stating that he is not registered with them and is not bound to respond.

With the educated lot in the society holding onto improper beliefs, how can we even expect the others to develop the right mentality? What a shame!