While Everyone Was Busy Getting Married, Two Bros Went On An Epic ‘Homiemoon’ To Thailand!

While all of our friends are getting married, having kids, “settling down”, you’re here reading this post. Don’t sweat. There are a lot of us who aren’t quite ready to go through these life conventions that society expects us to. However, after a point, it does get lonely if the rest of your regular friend circle is married and busy in their own “settled” lives. In that case, do what these guys did.

These two bros decided to leave their married friends to their miseries and embark on a crazy ‘Homiemoon’ to Thailand together. Here are pictures from their epic adventure:

1. They board the flight and the trip begins.


2. First stop, Tonsai beach.


3. Getting some shopping done at the Saturday night market in Chiang Mai


4. Seeking answers to some big questions in here.


5. Why stop at just one?


6. Oh look, elephants!


7. Climbing up to the top of the white Buddha at Pai.


8. And finally, a wonderful unwind at Bangkok. 😉

So what’re you waiting for, tag your beloved homie in this post and plan your own epic ‘homiemoon’!

H/T: Bored Panda

Images Source: Imgur