Take A Peek Into Parineeti Chopra’s New Home That She Designed With The Essence Of Her Soul

It’s truly said that home is where the heart for it ain’t home if you can’t unwind, block the world out, close your eyes and think about the most beautiful memories of your life and doze off to a world of dreams before you know. It ain’t home if the walls aren’t painted with colors that reflect the shades of your character. There’s hardly a feeling in this world that can match coming home to a place that you can truly call yours.

Watch how Bollyood actress, Parineeti Chopra has designed every corner of her own house that she had bought with her hard earned money. The video, uploaded by Architectural Digest India gives you an inside tour of Parineeti’s dream home that has been carefully decorated with the essence of her soul, right from her childhood to the woman she is today.

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This is how you turn a house into a home.

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